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Q & A – Christian Communion in Questions & Answers

Dear Readers, These are the chief subjects of our Q & A book: 1. Bible Study. 2. Christian Living. 3. Christian Understanding. 4. Our Spirit Warfare. 5. The dismissed “contradictions” in the Bible. 6. The questions of unbelievers. So far, 2.600 questions answered. Your free PDF copy of our book is here: Kindly note that…

Our Statement of Faith

Our Statement of Faith It is written: … fear thou the LORD and the King … (Proverbs 24:21) Therefore, first, We believe in the Holy Trinity of GOD: Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. We trust One Complete Indivisible Written Word of GOD (the Holy Bible is to be) as our Highest & Final Authority in…

Friendly Sites

Dear Readers, The following sites, listed alphabetically, best promoted our “Q & A” book: 1. Internet Archive – <; – <;. 2. Obooko – <; – <;. 3. Scripture News – <; – <The post of July 11, 2021,> 4. Small Group Churches – <; – <;. Igor Evgen

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