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Our Statement of Faith

Our Statement of Faith It is written: … fear thou the LORD and the King … (Proverbs 24:21) Therefore, first, We believe in the Holy Trinity of GOD: Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. We trust One Complete Indivisible Written Word of GOD (the Holy Bible is to be) as our Highest & Final Authority inContinue reading “Our Statement of Faith”

Friendly Sites

Dear Readers, The following sites, listed alphabetically, best promoted our “Q & A” book: 1. Internet Archive – <https://archive.org&gt; – <https://archive.org/details/q-a.-dec.-20&gt;. 2. Obooko – <https://www.obooko.com&gt; – <https://www.obooko.com/free-religious-books/q-a-christian-communion-in-questions-answers&gt;. 3. Scripture News – <https://scripturenews.com&gt; – <The post of July 11, 2021>. 4. Small Group Churches – <https://www.smallgroupchurches.com&gt; – <https://www.smallgroupchurches.com/forum/group-studies-book-reviews/q-a-christian-communion-in-questions-answers/&gt;. Igor Evgen

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